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Contact  Information:

 tel. 655-2478





6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mon - Fri 

extended days and hours by
special request and special circumstance only



Our Goal:

Is to provide a safe and happy place for children. Communication between parent and provider is very important. Children will be taught to respect each other, adults, and property. Together we can make a difference in your child's learning abilities. Together we can prepare them for school!

About the Program

Kari's Kreative Kare offers a wonderful preschool program to help your child expand their learning experience and prepare for Kindergarten. The program curriculum includes: Circle Time, Arts & Crafts, Games, Story Time, Special Days, Science, Cooking, Music, Library Check-out, and so much more! Most days your child will be creating a craft project or science experiment to bring home. Not only will your child start to understand the basics of numbers, letters and colors, they will also be learning about life. We will have Stranger Danger days, learning about animals, how plants develop and more....I assure you, you will be amazed at what your child will learn.


I provide nutritious meals that meet Federal Government Food Program guidelines. Meals served are: breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

Benefits of Home Childcare

Ages infants through 12 years
Loving environment, no yelling
CPR & First Aid certified
Lower cost than centers
Less chance of Illness
More personal caregiver to child relationship
More flexibility
Mixed age group, exposed to additional skills such as language and social skills
One on one individualized care, with social interaction still available
Small group size compared to a center based daycare
Continuity of one caregiver, no teenage teachers coming and going confusing children